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Chaparral Insulation Co., Inc. recently completed a project involving the insulation of nearly 30,000 linear feet of Chill Water Piping for a new construction data center in the Dallas Forth Worth area of Texas. The insulation methodology employed for this project included the application of 2" Phenolic insulation over electrical heat-tracing, encapsulated with aluminum jacketing for all outdoor sections, while 2" fiberglass insulation was utilized for indoor sections. In accordance with rigorous client specifications and scheduling requirements; we were able to complete this project on schedule, as designed.

"Chaparral remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering insulation solutions tailored to meet and surpass the evolving demands of contemporary infrastructure and welcomes new opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to craftsmanship. Keep up with us for further updates and achievements as we continue to set benchmarks in commercial insulation!"

— Jesse Garza, Director of Operations

A notable aspect of the project is the seamless integration of nine air-cooled chillers into the system. This integration was implemented to enhance the cooling efficiency of the data center while Chaparral was tasked with ensuring that this integration remains efficient and performing as expected. Furthermore, it serves as an exemplification of the company's adeptness in addressing complex technical challenges and showcasing Chaparral’s capabilities as your preferred insulation partner.

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