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Most everyone practices some form of safety procedure or training within an organization. Chaparral doesn’t just practice it, we live it. We’ve created a culture of safety that extends beyond the workplace. We encourage all employees, from the top down, to live a safe life at home and on the job so that safety becomes a guiding principle in everything we do — and results speak for themselves.

  • Our injury and accident rates exceed industry standards.
  • Our EMR successfully stays below industry standard.

We are committed to each and every one of our relationships. Each one depends upon the safety and well being of every person involved.

- Management

A culture of safety requires constant attention. Therefore, we demand all employees complete safety training. New hires are put through a comprehensive safety course to ensure they are familiar with all safety requirements and procedures. All work is properly planned before it is begun. We engage in weekly toolbox meeting, daily job walk and quarterly safety stand downs. We also collaborate with all local-area safety councils and safety sources. We are a C3 accredited employer. And every employee is trained on all safety and lifesaving equipment. Because we want everyone to go home safe and sound.

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