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During construction of your project, many factors go into ensuring its success. Professional contractors that provide professional services are essential to meeting your deadlines, and project budgets.

From small owner-direct projects to multi-phase new construction projects, our team has the experience and dedication to provide superior customer service and a quality installation that exceeds our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our teams have the capacity to handle any size project within the contiguous 48 states and are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction.

Chaparral excels in providing fire-stopping services that fall into those classifications.

  • Through Penetrations
  • Slab Edge & Curtain Walls
  • Acoustical Caulking
  • Fire Rated Joints
  • Barrier Management Program

  • Design

  • Planning

  • Ideas

  • Execution

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Chaparral looks forward to working with you on your firestopping projects.
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